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Daisy 100

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Apr 1, 2004
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Hello all, was wondering if you could help? Currently I am an Office Manager in a surveyors office, I have just completed my manicure and pedicure VTCT, and this week done my 3 days with Creative still have to go back in 2 weeks to complete - the course was absolutly fantasic I really enjoyed it, and felt i took to it quite well - the question is how do I get out of office work and into a salon what's the best way of tackling this situation? Or do I go part time with my office job and go in to a salon part time what do you think? Please help me I don't know where to go with this now and I love it so much!

Daisy x x x x
Hi Daisy, i know how you feel, i work full time in a solicitors which i do really enjoy but also love doing nails, so after passing some courses i have decided to set up my spare room as my 'salon' and work part time evenings and weekends i am hoping that i will be build a very successful clientele and who knows maybe move eventually to my own salon leaving office work behind me!!!

It is a very hard decision but go with your instincts i am sure you will make the right choice, good luck and let us know how it goes x x x x x
Hi - I'm in the same position too, working in an office and yearning to do nails all day!

I'm lucky enough to work part time in an office so my plan is to do further study in the evenings and hopefully start up a small nails business on the side, either mobile or from home part time alongside my current job at first to guage the success.

Good luck to you both - it's difficult to get away from the secure income of an office job for self employment - just think how much more rewarding it will be though!
Hi Daisy!! guess who this is? I think you should begin by doing nails at night and weekends then when you are more confident and have a few regulars go part time and may be rent a chair at a salon locally? but hey what do I know!!! see u very soon!! :D
I worked for a large insurance grooup for 15 years and never thought I was going to get out, i worked in marketing and was on reaally good money. I had my third baby and then couldn't afford the childcare to go back full time as I did with the first two children. I was lucky enough to 'be made an offer' so I left. So then I did a manicure and advanced nail techniques coouse at my local college. I never looked back.

I started going mobile with the client's i'd met at college and then decided to go self-employed a ccouple of days a week - tax credits pays 70% of my child care (as I was now on a low income having lost my £27k pa job)

One of my mobile clients put me in touch with a local hairdressing salon owner who was thinking of renting some space to a nail tech. I jumped at the the time it was taking me 2 hous plus to do a full set.

I now work three days a week (cos I'm up to the max on my working tax creditallowace for child care) I've just had my best week ever money wise and I would never look back.

OK so I don't make as much now aS I was making then but I'm answerable to me and no one else and the sky is the limit.

I've just invested in air brush tan equipment to try and fill the gaps in my nail dayys and already have 15 tan bookings for the week that I start doing it!!!

You have to follow youur heart...

Take it easy.

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