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Stephanie Morris

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Apr 24, 2003
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Help!!!! I am horrified.. I put a set of Liquid and Powder extensions on my mum about 3 months ago, I maintained them regularly and they always looked really good. But she has just soaked them off and her natural nails are very very thin and then natural smile lines of her own nails have gone really low down as if the natural nail has lifted at the free edge.

I am very concerned is this something I have done?? I have never had this before and have taken lots of nails off of clients, but as I am fairly new to this I don't know what to do??

Sounds like your mum has got a case of Onycolysis - this means that her nail plate has popped slightly from the nail bed!! This is NOT soemthing to worry about too much as the nail plate will re-attach itself back to the bed in no time (trust me on this - I have expereinced it plenty of times and always on my pinkies :rolleyes: ) You need to watch yourself with your abrasives!! When removing shine BEFORE a full-set, buffing once is fine - more than is a crime :twisted: - when re-balancing you need to be REALLY careful not to over buff zone 3 - you'll thin out the nail plate and as it grows up towards zone 2 and then 1, the nail plate (being so thin) - pops from the bed!! Take your mum's nail length down to short and put a thin overlay on them - (no buffing) - just PREP and use Scrubfresh but don't use your Koala in this case!! Paint your mum's nails a cool colour - leave for a 2 week re-balance and by the time you get to re-balance the nails should already look better! REMEMBER - the least amount of buffing for the natural nail, the better and NEVER use a grit less than 240!! Hope this helps! ;)
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