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Apr 13, 2013
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I have my first paying client tomorrow and she would like a full leg and bikini wax together and need some guidance please. Also, I haven't really done a full leg before as when practicing she was very blonde and didn't really need a full leg.

Would i start with the bikini first? Also doing the tops of the leg, am i correct in saying sides, inner thigh and backs of thigh. Is there a way of doing it. This email must sounds silly but I didn't expect to be asked to do one so soon and wanted to have it down myself before so i could see how its exactly done.

Would really appreciate some guidance.

Thanks ladies xx
I do front of legs sides of legs up to the very top of thw leg by the bikini and then do bikini wax.. get client to turn over and then do backs of legs xx

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That's great, thanks EEG - exactly how I wanted to do it as i'm so use to starting with the bottom of the legs. What about the inner thigh though? I've gone totally blank and slightly nervous since it's my first paying client!!!
Hi, I've just finished my waxing training and if I were you I'd do front first, lower legs then knees then upper legs (outer thigh, front thigh then inner thigh). Then I'd do the bikini line. Turn client over and do lower legs then upper legs (outer, front, inner). If that makes sense. That's how I was taught anyway x
inner thigh, check direction of hair growth and go with it x
Start with the fronts of her legs. Start at the feet and work your way up one leg, as high as you can get (to the crotch) and covering the sides as much as you can. do the same on the other leg.

Then do the bikini wax.

Then turn the client over and finish off the backs of the legs - again, start at the feet/ankles and work your way up.

If you're canny when you're doing the front and sides you can tilt her legs and get quite low down the sides, so that when you come to do the backs you only have a little bit to do and you don't miss any - and can check easier for bits you may have missed.

good luck! xx
Ladies, thank you so so so much for taking the time to answer my thread. I feel so much better now and a little less panicky. Thank you!!!
If your client has no mobility, hip or arthritic problems, then do the back of the thighs, before you turn them over, by asking them to lift each leg separately with them holding it from behind the knee.

This creates a much better stretch for the fleshy backs of thighs to about 2 thirds of the way before the knees. Then you can turn them over and continue with the back of knees and lower thighs.

It is not the most lady like or glamorous of positions but then waxing is not really a pampering, glamorous treatment.
You also need to make sure that you get a really good stretch on the thighs, particularly if she is a bigger lady, so the front of thighs place youre hand above the knee and pull down in the direction of the hair growth, for the inner thigh I always get clients to pull the foot of the leg you are doing up towards the opposite legs knee, then get them to flop their knee outwards, a bit like a frog, this means that you can get to the inner thigh easier with out pulling the skin etc, again place the hand firmly above the knee and pull down to get a good stretch. Work in smaller patches, keep an eye on the hair growth, if you have someone very hairy it can grow in different directions here so you need to mentally work out the difrerent areas before you start or you will get in a right mess.
I would see if you can get some friends in to practice on if you can!! Good luck xxxxxx
Hi Ladies, thanks for your tips. Its for tomorrow morning so no time to practice but after reading all your comments i'm feeling confident :) I'm offering training rates at the moment as i'm still studying so they know I am not fully qualified, however would rather not screw up as this could be repeat business!! Again thank you all so much xx
i personally would do bikini first because then you have a definite starting line for legs... makes it easier..

I do bikini... thighs ... lower leg ... turn over .. back of legs

and clients like this cause the worst bit (being bikini) is finished first so they can relax a bit...xx
I have been waxing for so long and got taught to start on the front off leg also, but have found it so much easier and faster to start the client off on her stomach and do the backs of her legs first, then turn over and do lower leg and then upper thigh, bikini last. Then its way easier to bend her knee it put on the after wax oil, wipe off with a nice warm towel not too hot and then a lovely massage when applying the after wax moisturizer. Sit the bed up slightly when she's on her back and then its easy for her to jump off the bed when finished. I usually take 40 mins at the most to do full leg and bikini

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