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Kimberley C

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Jan 18, 2016
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I did a nail tech course at the beginning of my maternity leave and really enjoyed it. I know I definitely want to go into the industry but I'm wondering what's the best way to go about it.

We're likely to move in the summer (military family) and am thinking of applying to a few salons to see if I could work as a junior to get the experience as long as it pays for childcare, is this sensible in your opinions? Or do you have any other advice? I'd bump my portfolio at home on friends except I'll be new to the area and won't know many people and I'd need to cover cost of childcare. I just don't really know where to begin!

Annoyingly the perfect position has opened up at a salon at home

Many thanks!!
I guess if you're going to be moving then maybe it's worth researching the area you'll be moving too, rather than building up clientele in your current area and then leaving them behind - particularly if there's a childcare cost too. It takes a while to build up business so it might be better to focus on the future move and build your business around that. X

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