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Mar 2, 2016
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Hi there
Im having a little dilemma, my usual supplier for hair extentions (pre bond) are out of stock on there ombre range!
Can anyone recommend a good supplier? I hate letting peolle down but i dont want a bad batch either thanks x
What type of hair? Budget, premium? Also what colour? transform do ombré but they're blocky, like a complete line- prestige is more of a budget supplier but still good quality and they do either the blocky ombré or a soft blend ombré
Maybe more budget
Colour definatley a soft ombre!
Not right keen on the extremely blocky look with extentions as i find it looks false.
The colour i had on my hair ring was a T2/10 im nearly sure
Thanks for replying x
Definitely try prestige then. Who are you using st the moment? X
Thank you
My local warehouse supplies hair extentions 1g hair £45 for every 50 bought usually nice but its as if they cant be bothered to help me even though the ombre range is out of stock.
I have used sjk and hair planet in the past also looking into trying studio58? X
I've heard literally nothing but bad things about SJK, so I'm not even going to try. I haven't heard much about Hair Planet apart from their 'russian' range is pretty much Beauty Works repacked, and that their Indian wefts are really good. I've personally used Studio 58's 'Virgin Pre Coloured Russian' and although it's definitely not Russian for that price, I must admit it's amazing. My client had it in for 8 months, and I swear, it felt NO different then the day I fitted it, she's only had it out for a break and get it retipped then she's having it put back in. Although, I've only heard bad things about their Indian too. My personal favourites, and the only suppliers that I regularly use are Transform & Prestige, prestige actually have 50+ standard colours, then another 30 or so mix/ombré. X
Ive used sjk a handful of times i hate the nail tip its huge! Even when trimmed a little. The dark colours were okay but blonde no way i wouldnt break my neck to use again. Hair planet i got a weave and a few pre bonds which again wasnt hundred percent with. I am definately going to try studio 58 and prestige. Going to order the ombre from prestige and having my own hair refitted next week so going to try studio 58 on my own. I always think u can give 110% opinion when you have wore it yourself x
That's my only problem.. I can't wear it myself [emoji23] I've just got to base my opinions on my colleagues who have extensions fitted!
hi yes we have ombre in stock, please let us know what colours your looking for. call us 02085276166 thank you

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