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Lavander Rose

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Aug 29, 2007
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Hi Everyone

Can anyone please help me?

I am going to go home based soon and I am in the middle of doing my price list for my leaflets.

I need to know do you go cheaper than the high street salons or try and be about the same. There is a salon about 2 miles from where I live this is what concerns me.

I need as much advise as you can give me please!

Lavander Rose
Dont try and be the cheapest in your area cause all you will get is the cheap clients. Try and be unique and find your usp. That way you can justify why you charge more than others.
You should research the prices of other therapists/salons in your area, as every area is different and is priced accordingly. Where I stay it is a smaller area with not many salons so I'd say I was middle of the range, whereas where I used to stay the prices were a lot higher, but at the same time the cost of living is higher, if you understand what I mean? Take into consideration time, products, overheads (electricity etc) and don't underprice yourself. Hope this helps.

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