Help please for charging minx at pamper parties


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Nov 3, 2010
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Hey Guys
I am pretty new to this so here goes.
I have a teenage party booking of 3 girls due to the mother not wanted lots round for obvious reasons.
Each are having minx on toes and fingers along with a facial.
The cost per girl will be £50 do you think this is reasonable enough? Just because of the time and materials etc... just i don't want it to put the mum off from booking?
Any help and opinions are much appreciated. Thanks!!

How much do you charge individuallly for Minx and facials? and what is your hourly rate? £50 for Minx on fingers and toes and facial does seem extremely generous! I could understand £50 for just the Minx on both but not with a facial. Could you offer them either Minx fingers and a facial or Minx toes and a facial?
Would they be clients who will return?
Well individually for minx on fingers it about £17 and for minx on toes £22 but again i am just not sure if i am under selling myself etc?
With regards to this pamper party each girl will probably have an average of 1hr 30mins each, so for 4 and a half hours it should work out at £150. Do you think this is too generous?

I am just concerned as i am only just trying to establish myself as a mobile therapist and do not want to scare potential clients away :/
Also i suppose the mother would be a potential return client (but as i said i am concerned about the pricing and this detering her)
Any help is much appreciated again :) thanks!!

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