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Nov 7, 2003
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Can anyone out there help me PLEASEEEEEE!

I recently trained with ONS (Odyssey Nail Systems) and have spent a LOT of dosh on their products. I am starting out as a freelancer in a salon and a mobile tech and am have a crisis of confidence.

I have been getting lifting and am sure i prep properly...sanitise, pre prime, apply tip, pre prime again, primex bonder and then my ONS acrylic overlay. From glancing at the message board (I am new to this site), everyone seems to rave about Creative. Has anyone out there experience of both ONS and Creative. Is it worth me investing more money in the conversion course needed to enable me to purchase their products and disregard all my ONS products. In my Ellisons catalogue, Creative is listed...which Creative L&P system is the BEST?

My biggest hurdle i am coming up against is converting everyone from the countless vietnamese nail bars using MMA to my products. They are dissappointed in my results - MMA is cheaper for them and ultimately doesn't lift or break - and unfortunately, they don't seem to care about the health and associated risks. If i changed products, would i get a longer lasting, non lifting nail extension?

I can't comment on the ONS as I have no experience with it.
Have you tried to contact them to ask them about the problems you are having? I am sure they can shed some light on the situation.

As far as CND... you will have to do a conversion (at least) to begin to use the system. Most techs system of choice is Retention+ as it fuses with Keratin without the need of primers.

As per the MMA point... have you read the article here on the site (by clicking the novels link) or done a search on MMA on this site?
You should have plenty of info there to help your customers understand the downside to the salons. Remember... it isn't so much a health issue.

Hope this helps.
Well Hun,
lets see ?????
Now you only trained with them a little while ago, and there will always be some areas that will need a good one to one, or troubleshooting session........... Do they offer this, I mean the people you have trained with???? If they do, give them a call and see if they can help you????

But in the mean time, I must admit I don't know anything about the system you use, but I am assuming now that ....................

Maybe you are not prepping the nail well enough ??? remove all non living dead tissue ....... a buff wont do that, you will need to do some decent cuticle and side wall work here..................A major reason for lifting, on all systems............not much of a problem with MMA , as they don't leave much nail on the bed, never mind any cuticle crappy stuff!!!!!!!

When you have done all that and just given the nail a gentle exfoliation not roughing up the nail plate, you then apply your tips yea?????

After tip application, don't let any primer go on to the abs tips, it can break down the plastic, this can cause splitting!!!! Plastic don't need priming only keratin does !!!!!!
But also incorrect tip size can do this, so check on both here !!!!!

As for converting clients from MMA, look up some info about MMA, read and see , MMA doesn't like Keratin and it doesn't like a smooth hence the roughing up of the nail plate..............

Creative for instance is EMA and R+ just loves keratin, like a magnet to metal........good prep and it will stay on just as well as MMA without any nail damage........ no priming need, unless they have a real oily and tricky nail plate........... no nail damage due to roughing up the nail plate just so you can make the nail product stick!!!!!!!

Just think if MMA wearer ever wants to go back to natural nails, it will be ages before they will be able to show off a nice healthy nail...6mths or so...........
Creative R+, soak off the product and they will be able to do that almost immediately.....a few days with solar oil and TLC..............

On hairdressers, as they have their hands in a lot of water most of the time, get them to use some solar oil, keeps the nail nice and plumped up, so it reduces the amount of lifting....................

Answer to your email Question!!!!!!
So just a thought, but I would do a creative conversion course, then strut your stuff, and the deal in the salon sounds brill, but like all things get this in writing..............Go for it babe xxxxxxxxx

hope this helps Ruth xxxxxxxx
thanks for replies!
i have decided to try and raise the cash to go on the creative training course but if that fails then i'll just have to wait a few more months are do their conversation. odyssey has good press and write ups so i think it is probably my prepping!

Is their a good cuticle remover out there which i can use as part of my prepping (which i can readily buy - obviously not creative!)

any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!
The best cuticle remover by far is the Creative one - sorry! But if you ask nicely they may let you purchase it. You only need a small amount and it last for ages. One of the Creative geeks may be able to let you know if you can purchase that before your foundation course.

Good luck

Jenni x

As far as I am aware, it is only the liquid and powder that you may not purchase from Creative without training - you can buy the fabulous solar oil and the cuticle remover - get buying! :shock:

ruthie :p
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