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Aug 9, 2007
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West Mids
Hello :)

This is my first post and I would really appreciate some help! I really want to train to be a nail tech, I currently work in an office 9 till 5 and want to get out and do some training. I have been reading the posts on here for a few weeks now and a lot of you recomend the Creative course, which I would really like to do but I think theres some problems or something? Am I right? Would I still be able to do a starter course with them? I'm so confused because I can't get through to them at the moment. Also is there anyway I could do a starter course working around the hours I do now? Like a one to one? As I havin't got enough holidays to just take the time off which is a pain :irked: by the way I live in Birmingham, your help would be great, many thanks :)
You can't go wrong if you train with Creative. Yes, they are having probs at the moment with deliveries but it sounds like you're not desperate to train this week so I'm sure it'll all be sorted.

As far as a 1 to 1 in concerned, I don't think that you can do your foundation course this way...........besides, It'll cost a fortune.

Why not sit on it for a week or so and in the meantime, have a read of this site and start learning. Good luck. xxx
Thank you for your reply :) the creative course sounds really good, I dont suppose you know anyone that has took the course in Birmingham. I'm really looking forward to trying something new. After 5 years of admin i want to escape!!! lol
Hello , i can recommend Creative as i have done it , its worth the wait , not sure what is going on , but the foundation is great!
Thanks for your replies :) I'm really looking forward to it and I havn't even booked it yet! I'll try giving them a call tomorrow see if I can get through :lol:
Just to clarify there is NOT a problem with any of the creative academies other than Leeds, if in Birmingham I would think it would be Marianne Manley or myself in Manchester where you could train, all classes are as normal, and products will be available next week.
Thats great thank you all so much for your help :)

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