Help! Uneven bleach hilights!


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Oct 21, 2010
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Hi! I'm seeing a client on wednesday who's had bleach foils whilst on holiday. Shes a base 5 to 6. She used to have colour touch 5/75. Her hair is now very uneven, lighter at the roots and a darker very golden blonde from mid length to ends. She also has about half each worth of regrowth. She would like a slightly darker more sunkissed blonde. I'm not sure whether to bleach the roots with foils then using a toner afterwards or if it would be better to put some darker lowlights through to even out the colour, help!!!!!
Is there anybody there lol????? Desperately need advice as she's coming tomorrow xx

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Hi am thinking if she has a large regrowth then I would lift the roots up,
And then tone after,
I'm not sure if I'm picturing her hair right but I'd bleach highlights with toner and a brown colour in between.
Thank you for your replies, that's kind of what I was thinking, I use wella, which toner would you use?xx

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