help where can i find pearls


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Apr 16, 2007
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hi people does anyone know where i can find nail art pearls, i jave a lady who wants pearls for her wedding day, ive looked all over the net and can only find rynstones, any info would be much appreciated thanks
Millenium do them in a variety of colours have seen them in their catalogue!

Beauty Express have two lots in their catalogue, one by Spangles and the other by Pro Impressions.
Beauty Express: Professional Beauty Products delivered direct to you

In the search box, type in 'pearls' and you get about 4 options. The Spangles ones in the pack of four, you get 30 each of white, black, coral and lilac, but I don't know what shape they are as there's no picture.

Hope this helps.
Try jacmc she does them at liberty nail design excellent site and quick delivery x
i got mine from ebay xx
I just found some more in my new catalogue from
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I tried to put the link in for you but they seem to be having a problem with their website at the mo and I keep getting error messages. :mad:

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