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Jan 12, 2018
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Ok, so I began hairdressing back in 2009. Always worked in a salon employed. Up until 2018 that is, the salon environment just wasn’t for me anymore. Instead of trying something new within the same industry I changed jobs and went into healthcare (I chose to do that because I wanted to work nights, childcare reasons) anyway fast forward to now and I am still currently working in a nursing home. I’m no longer enjoying my job and want to get back to my roots (no pun intended) but this time go self employed mobile. Something ive never done before. ANY TIPS, ALL OF THE TIPS NEEDED on how to give a salon experience at home. Little random ‘issues’ are running through my head like.. I hate the idea of people washing their own colours off, do i offer to wash it off or is that expected.. random things like this that are not so simple at home I need answers to. Give me a run down of your whole appointment if you have to 😂 ALSO I no longer have a clientele. So until i can build one back up, I will have to do mobile alongside my current job. Please give me some tips to gain a clientele I feel like I’m starting all over again 😭

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