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Nov 16, 2008
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I am naturally a brunette level 7, I have had my hair dyed since the age of 18 when I started getting grey hairs, my hair is about 50% grey now at the age of 38.
I have previously had my hair tinted a nice golden blonde colour(goldwell level 8n & 8g 20%) which covered the grey hair quite well. Last month I went to a new hairdresser who said I should stay away from gold and change to an ash colour as this covers the grey better.
It has taken a while to get used to the ash (wella 8/1 with lighter highlights I think 12/1 ) as I really don't think it suits me, makes my complexion look grey and my hair looks dull.
My roots need doing again & I would like advice am I best sticking with gold? Having been given conflicting advice I would like to hear your opinions.
If you like golden/ honey tones, then have them! a good technician using good products can acheive complete coverage whatever look you want.
Ashy colours can look drab, especially on grey hair. Time to change stylists maybe?
Thanks for your reply, took your advice changed stylist, stayed with the honey caramel shades but went warmer/darker, really happy with the results.

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