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May 13, 2004
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Hi, can anyone please help me? i'm in the process of starting up working from home. mostly i have been doing friends but what is the best way to get me out there advertising wise?? to get so more cleints... thanks Sinead xx
You can get a free listing in Yellow Pages and Also you can get really cheap business cards from Vistaprint and Goodprint UK Ltd - you can design your own card online. I'm currently setting myself up and I have advertised in the local paper and I intend to circulate some leaflets to addresses and also to local businesses. It is all very hard work but hopefully it will all pay off eventually. Good luck!
A big thank you i will look into that

thanks sinead
hi, yeah agree with Chris, i have placed myself in the yellow pages they do a free section which is what ive chosen, have also had some nice cards made up at and to help the cost have designed some simple but to the point leaflets to distribute locally, but am also hoping that word of mouth will be a great source of clientele, i am finding it difficult to get cleintele at the mo but am persevering!!! i did do a post on this before so you may want to type it in the search and see what other comments were made to my post, good luck and dont give up x xx
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