Henna brow brands?

Hi all I'm looking to changing brands for henna brows I've been using Lucas cosmetics cc brow henna and found it to not be as good last few times. I looked into brow tastic/tycoon placed an order in beginning of December and still waiting for some stuff to come now after contacting them numerous times. Even if it is good they're clearly not reliable, also looked into mina brow henna but haven't seen enough about them to make a decision. What brands do you all use? Thanks


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I've only tried Mina. I'm a trainer (based in Bath). I'm very happy with colour, results, everything. I have been using it for a year.

You expect to be organised about reordering in good time as the product comes from India and Indian bureaucracy can be a business nightmare to navigate, it's not a simple FedEx order for the distributor - I haven't had any issues so far though.

Mina is distributed by a lady who has a good track record in distributing for International brands and she just distributes Mina, so there is no reason for her to run out of stock, it would mean she couldn't trade!


Hiya Iv just orderd the lucas cosmetics but I haven’t got the henna activator in the kit it says it can be mixed with worm water but I’m not sure if this will effect result what activator have you used with it please Iv not used this one befor any advise would be great