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Mar 5, 2003
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Adelaide, South Australia
Hi im Jane. Im a nail tech from AU and have only been qualified for 1 yr so am still learning heaps of things. I found this site purely by accident but personally think its was a hidden gem. You've got some great stuff here.
Hi Jane

Welcome to the Board :sunny:

Good to see another Aussie tech on here.

What products do you use? Do you work in a salon or from home?
You will find this board an invaluable source of information!!! Glad to have you!! :D
hi and welcome

It is a gem of a find I have to agree ... and the best thing is that you know that the advice you get on here is 'sound' - owing to the fact that there are so many fully qualified and in some cases 'Top' Techs around to help us newbies out.

Love it - and will always have this site as my Top Tech Site ...

Keep up the good work

Hi Jane,
Welcome on board, keep checking in for great topics and advice

Hi there,
We wish you a very warm welcome on this fab board.
Have fun
love Ruth and Faye :D
Welcome... I look forward to learning from you as I do from everyone here.

Mr Geek :fro: your so modest!!!!

Hi, this site is absolutely brill. You won't find another one quite like it! Mr Geek is extremely hilarious :D (don't let that head outsize your afro!!!).

If I can help in anyway, just ask.
This is an excellent site - you'll do well here, and Mr Geek must be being bashful - I'm sure he knows just about everything and he is willing to share his artistic know how!!

Thanx every1
just by reading some of the posts here i can see that its a great resource and lots of fun all round.
Have to admit the :fro: is a killa :rofl:

Michelle, I use Ez Flow it suits me the best, I love it....
Are you a member on the Au nech tech site??

Ciao 4 now
Hi Jane

Yes, I'm on the Aussie Nail Tech list, the beautytech list and the beautytech message boards.. can't get enough!!!!! :D

Do you get your EzFlow from Jai?? I love the stuff :thumbsup:
Hi Michelle

I'm in Adelaide so I get my Ez flow stuff from National Supplies or NSI. Theres not too many places here to get it. I've tried other systems but ez flow is what works best for me :)

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