Hi Everyone-My first time on this board


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There are 2 ways to get an avatar (profile picture)

both start by following the directions Shelly gave to edit your profile.

Once in the avatar section of your profile, either click 'show gallery' to select a pre done pic from over 200... or... you can upload one by clicking the browse button. There u can select one from your computer.
If that is the case... you need to make sure that the image is smaller than 131x131 and 13kb.


jennie NE

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Mar 9, 2003
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8) I just found this board for the first time. I am on Beautytech all the time and can't believe it took me this long to find this. Lots of different things to learn here I see. Be patient with me as I figure out how to use all this stuff. PS how do I get myself a logo like everyone else? :flower:
Welcome!!!! :D We are glad you are here. To get yourself a logo as you called it, look on the left of your screen, and click on profile, there you will have options. Look for avatars, and then just follow the directions, then voila, you are done!!! :joker: You will get lots of information here as well. Neat to talk to people all over the world as well. Let us know if we can help you with anything else. I look forward to reading your posts!
Take care! Shelley :flower:
hello everyone,
i`m glad someone asked that question as i was clueless too! :oops:
How can I make my profile picture bigger like everyone else does? I edited it to jpg in Microsoft picture it and the thumbnail size is 96 pixels and the next size up is 320 pixels, which is too big :x Thanks.
:sunny: Welcome to the board Jennie! You are gonna love it!!
hi jennie
and welcome to the board

Hi Jennie, big welcome I'm sure you'll love it here!. Look forward to your input. :)
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