Hi everyone, newbie here. advice needed


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Jul 8, 2010
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Montreal, QC, CANADA <3
Hi everyone,
I found you guys while googling some hair products.
After reading the rules of this forum (the second sticky thread), I doubting my post quality but here goes nothing, i'm going to ask you guys my questions.

First of all, my hair is dark brown, short, really thick, with medium sized curls and is damaged by ceramic hair straightener. It has been like those thick curly body sponges all my life. :sad:
I've tried soo many straightening products, from drug store products to proffesional products that cost me hundreds of dollars. You name it: yoko, keratine, weird mixes, l'oreal, etc.
I would still have to iron my hair everyday. I had so many bad experiences, even once, a hairdresser burned my hair. Until last year, I went to a hairstyling school where they used a product called ISO.
To my surprise, my hair turned out to with a little waves of course but sooooo silky and smooth. I absolutely loved the product and it didn't cost me much. (way less than a 100$)
It's been like 7 months since my last hair Iso treatment, my hair is short and curlier than ever. I had this dumb idea to leave my hair naturally, but this project work since i still iron my hair!!!:sad:
So, i called my salon today, turns out they're only free next month. I HAVE A WEDDING IN THE END OF THIS MONTH TO ATTEND!!! i booked the appointment anyways but this still doesn't solve my problem.
and i'm scared of calling other salons since my budget is tight and i really don't feel like experimenting more with my hair.

I'm thinking of going to my hair salon to buy the product I want and my bf will help me apply it.
This is my plan.
But this isn't the end of that, I remember that every time I go to my hair salon, my hair comes out very smooooooooooth and silky after they wash it. I am so OH-INTRIGUED by their shampoo!!!
I'm thinking of buying the Iso tamer shampoo and conditioner. I really want to take care of my hair this time.
What do you guys think of those products as professionals?!
I'm thinking of going threw a full ISO DIET for my hair.
I already once bought from them the ISO tamer smoothing gel (loved it) so i know they sell Iso hair products.
^ The Shampoo part was a side note.
I read somewhere on the internet about the Iso maintammer.
I also googled ISO hair products to have more information.
Turns out, there is so many products:
ISO Option 1 for normal and previously permed hair.
ISO Option 2 for every type color-treated hair.
ISO Option 3 for extra-firm curl on normal and resistant hair.
ISO Option EXO is a damage-free Exothermic Perming for energized curls on longer and resistant hair.
ISO Maintamer Straightner: ideal for smoothing coarse hair, taming unruly curls and waves, un-perming ends and controlling frizzy hair.
As professionals, what product have you tried and liked best? what do you think will suit better my case? And is there any chances that i might damage my hair them if i apply the treatment at home?! (meaning, does Iso treatment requires extra care only professionals can give?)

If this works like i'm hoping it would work, I'm canceling my appointment and with that money i'm buying all the iso hair product i have in mind.
Also, what do you think of Iso in general?! and if there is any other product you life more and you think it might help, feel free to suggest it.

Thank you.
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Try and find another salon or a freelancer that does this treatment, please dont risk doing it yourself!!!

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