Hi guys! New salon owner, advice please!


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Apr 13, 2012
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Hi guys!!

I'm glad I found this forum, great place to come and get advice/meet other hairdressers.

Ok to keep it short and sweet. Basically I opened my first business in 2009 did great was a little barbers just for men, but my dream was to open a luxurious unisex salon, so in 2011, I did just that 5 doors along from my old shop. In a much larger premises and had it done up to a very high standard. But I'm finding even though it looks amazing inside and a real salon for ladies I'm still getting alot of men from my old shop (not complaining better than no business at all) but obviously I opened unisex salon to get ladies in! But it doesn't seem to be happening as fast as I'd like it to. The ladies that have been in have been very happy and are now regulars and have told friends, but I'm still struggling to get new people in the door!

So I'd like some advice on how?? It looks good, has offers in the window etc. I have a website. I have a facebook page, I have twitter etc.

I have posted around 500 leaflets and from this I got around 5 customers from them (maybe the wrong time of year to post them I duno...)

So now I have just had over 2000 leaflets printed and I am going to get them out! Anyone know rough percentage you get back for every 1000 leaflets???

The only thing I can think of doing is posting leaflets for around an hour each day (I work full time in the salon so cant do all day posting!) for the next 6 months.

Local paper add is a definate no as far too expensive with little return. had a free ad fortunately last month and nothing happened from it.

Anyway any salon owners advice I would be very very thankful for! And your experience on the leaflets also.

Many thanks for the help guys, it's so frustrating in these tough times! Fortunately I have tiny overheads which is great!

I said keeping it short but that didnt happen! Sorryyy!:smack:
I'm not positive but I think the percentage is 1%- 3% for every 100.
I would suggest you make sure salon looks 'female friendly', maybe flowers, at reception.

What about 'bring your best friend and get a discount' for women clients and 'bring your wife and get a discount' for men?

Also give gift vouchers as prizes at school events, I find its usually women that end up with the hair vouchers.

Make sure any retail ranges are suitable for both male/female or better still have two different ranges clearly aimed them.

Good luck
I previously worked in a salon which originally opened as a barbers(10 years ago), then 5 years ago the owner branched in to unisex hairdressing. At the point of me leaving it was a 50:50 ratio men to women , however the women had the higher average spend due to having colours, perms, extensions etc. Women also boost the retail sales, so make sure you have women friendly products. Good Luck
The vouchers for school fates is a great idea, it gets the name out there and is really good if you have a new team member who you won't to advertise.

Introducing a friend discount is great-10% off their first visit then maybe a 10% to the regular who recommended them?

Erm you could advertise it well then what about a late evening opening 'ladies night' even if you just had some wine and chocolates and offered a 'colour clinic or product advice' you could just offer consultations then maybe a 10% discount on their appt if they book? Again it will depend on how savy you can be with advertising-social networking is obvs the free option.

Did out if third are any local events happening where you could advertise of have a pop up stand?

Just try and keep positive :)

Hope it goes well
Thanks so much for your comnments guys, i really appreciate them all! :biggrin:

The thing is I have gone completely opposite and instead of a reasonably priced barbers it's now a beautful girlie classy salon for ladies, it's just getting them to come in / notice it thats the problem!

I love the idea of the event evening, maybe if I advertise on facebook and arrange an event day for free consultations and discounts on bookings and drinks, thats such a great idea if I can get more followers on twitter and facebook!

I'm hoping to get at least 5000 leaflets delivered by myself personally over the next few months, so fingers crossed I get something back. Even if I was to get 5 in every thousand, they should tell another 5, so that could be 10 regulars! I would like more than that to book from the leaflets tho lol.

Thanks guys, any more advice would be so appreciated xxxx


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