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Apr 21, 2017
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Does anyone know if the Hive lash lift sachets have an expiry? I have just bought a kit and there is a number at the bottom with EX11.22 on it. I called the salon supplier i issued it from and they said the sachets do not have an expiry. They only expire once open. Is this the case? I have some old sachets i thought had expired (EX11.20) and not sure if i should use them??
My lash lift changed colour after a few months of not being used up due to the lockdown. I contacted my trainer and she told me that the product was still fine to use despite the colour. There was no expiry date on my packets thankfully.
However it looks like your new kit seems to have a very short useful life which is too short if you ask me. Contact Hive directly and get the answer from them.
I posted a few weeks ago asking if anyone had an opinion about Hive Lash Lift to ask if was a decent brand to switch over to. Can you let us know if you get a response as I am really interested in what they say.

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