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Apr 19, 2016
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I am looking into becoming a Mobile Holistic Therapist but my main concern is the salary I would be looking on earning over £20,000 a year after all deductions for petrol, products, training Would this be a possibility?
I think this could be an ambitious goal until you have been up and running for a few years to be honest.
If you need a guaranteed income per month you might fare better working full time at a spa.
Alternatively keep a part time job going while you build up your client base.
I agree with the above post. £20,000 after expenses would be an exceedingly ambitious target for a start-up mobile business.
Possible but very ambitious, I'm predominantly a holistic therapist in my fifth year of business, I work pt in café and just make that income, I couldn't do any more massage than I'm currently doing due to it be so physical, mobile is even more work. You'll want to add some easier treatments to your treatment list. Good luck x
I'm in the same situations. I need to make about £8000 though to equal what I currently get.
Thanks for your response's, I am working Full-Time and I am looking to keep my Full-Time job and work evenings and weekends to build up my client base, and then reduce down to part-time but inevitably I want to be in the position where I can leave my Full-Time Job and earn equivalent to what I am earning now. From all the research I have carried out there's not many people who have come across who have earned a decent wage through mobile.
There are some points to think of when you are working out your business plan ( and working out what you might make!)

It's important to think of who your clients will be and when they will want an appointment. Will it be mainly evenings and weekends?

Mobile will mean less time to carry out treatments as some time will be spent on travelling. So if you worked evenings, how many one hour treatments can you fit in to allow for travelling? 2 or 3

Other mobile therapists may be able to give you some insight in to this.

I think 20k after expenses ( and do you mean after tax as well? ) is ambitious. But if you do house visits in Chelsea, with a high end clientel ... possibly more achiveable
Corporate contracts can be quite lucrative, particularly as there's a growing trend for "wellness in the workplace". So perhaps that's something to look into, as a boost to your regular mobile clients x
That's what I would like to get into. What sort of companies are best to contact? Xxx
Go where the money is, I would say! :) Thriving, bigger companies tend to have more spare cash for things like that. Decide how far you're willing to travel and search Google to find all the relevant companies in that radius. You could design a simple letter/poster advertising your services and do a mailout to selected businesses.

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