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Aug 3, 2011
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Hi Geeks

I am looking for some advice for my new venture...

I will be moving to a new house and setting up a salon offering various Nail and beauty treatments. The village I am moving to is quite large but is quite tightly knit... There is an existing salon there so I don't want to upset them by encroaching on their patch... But business is business and I want to offer a good service... There will be some crossover on the treatments we offer.... How do I go about starting right without alienating the salon and their friends within the community?

I was thinking of paying them a visit and introducing myself and services I will offer? Is this a good plan.....
In all honesty, no, I wouldn't.

I wouldn't do it if I was moving into a part of a city with a few salons around so if it is a large village then I dont think you need to.

Just remember that they may well send friends, or indeed come themselves, for treatments, if anyone asks for your opinion on them, smile sweetly, tell them you've just moved to the area and it would be lovely to find somewhere where you can go for a pamper when you need one as well so will be there at some point no doubt.

Just my opinion
I'm with TracyS on this one. I would say no way, there is no need to ask permission to trade. If you do it the right way you will need to ask the local council for permission, if you do this they will write to the local area anyway and ask if there are any objections if so reply by this date etc.

If they grant you permission the you go girl! Remember once you open they will be competition so prices treatments etc will be competed against so asking permission etc is a no no in my book. Imagine you asked and didn't want to upset them and they said no we don't want you to open then what.....

Anyway good luck in whichever approach you take.

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