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Jan 31, 2003
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Hi everyone, just a question for the girls that work from home. I have a small beauty room at home and would love to build up my clientele but am a bit apprehensive about advertising in case I get any weirdo's or other unsavoury characters. I have two children and feel I really need to know whom I am letting into my home. ps- my room is not seperated from the main part of my house. :?
Hi Amanda,

I have only once felt uncomfortable when taking a booking and that was when a gent called to book a manicure - sorry to stereotype here but I felt uncomfortable - I deliberately booked him an appointment when my hubby was at home - there was no need for me to worry as he was very pleasant.

My room is in my dining room so like yours is in the middle of the house. The only thing I have found now and again is not weirdos turning up but people not turning up which is really annoying.

I keep my petty cash box under my desk and I always bank often so if anyone is that way inclined they will see my petty cash box is always quite empty.

I hope this puts your mind at rest a bit.
Hi Fiona, I've got so caught up in prices/advertising thing that I havent given much thought to the idea of 'strangers' in my house :rolleyes: My 'salon room' set up is also in the middle of my house with my only toilet facilities being upstairs.I suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable about the idea of strangers wandering around my home -I'm probably just being silly I know -but I can hardly accompany them can I :!: Also just thought of a question - do you have many clients who end up dragging along an entourage for company?
Hi there.

I work from home in a small room 10 x 8. As soon as you come into my home it is the first room 2ft. from front door. Clients have to go into my kitchen to wash their hands (so I have to make sure my kitchen is always spotless), apart from that I have had no problems, apart from my daughter occasionally waking up and coming into the room saying something embarassing like mummy I've poo'd my pants lol. My regulars all know my 4 year old daughter and have all seen her on odd occasions and in fact they are pretty understanding. The only thing I wish is I had a downstairs loo, but only rarely do clients venture upstairs to my toilet and they are usually my regulars, so I do not worry.
This is a really good question. I guess I haven't thought of that much either. My husband is a police officer and ever so often we have people come to the house trying to pay some sort of traffic ticket, etc. Plus my father-in-law runs a wrecker business on the lot directly behind my house so I always seem to have people (some more strange than others) coming to the house to pay wrecker bills or to TRY to pay their traffic tickets. My husband works nights so he is home when most of the time my clients are scheduled "just in case". I also have a really big house dog. lol

I too work from home and as you can see from my profile my son is only 13 weeks old! :D My 'salon' is an extension that is built on to the back of my house so clients have to walk through my living room and kitchen to get to the work area :? To this point, I have never felt uncomfortable about people coming through my house but that's not to say I wouldn't. I think on the whole people are very genuine but you just have to go by your own instincts as to whether you trust people or not.
Hello , this is something that i would love to be able to do is work from home. Is this ok from where you all live?? Here in SC they say its against the regulations :( But i really dont have a choice and i feel like im about ready to just give up doing nails all over again. I have a child who is ADD..Severly Learning Disabled and Borderline Retarded...He is 8 yrs old and still poops in his clothes all day. I was hopeing to do nails from home during the hours he is in school but looks like im not going to be able to. Going back into a salon to booth rent just isnt an option at all. So it would be nice to hear some responses to anyone that understands and has to live the same kind of life. Stuck in the house all day. Thanks for any replies. Or any ideas anyone could give :idea:

Get yourself a great big dog!! Mines a Rotwieller crosed with a Great Dane and hes very protective of his mummy!!
Seriously, the dog works, everyone can hear him as they come near the house & when they see him, through the kitchen door (gate style) they never risk making him angry!!

Actually I don't have a specific room set up as I mainly go to peoples homes & work there, but when people come to my house they have to walk through, the living room & sit in the dinning room. Its never been a problem & I live in a very remote little cottage in the New Forest with just a lot of ponys & deer for neighboughs :pig: ( we do have wild boars here too!)

In the case of building up your clientel, have you tried refer a friend offers? I offer 25 % discount to the mif they recommend a new client to me & they also get 25% off their 1st treatment. :goal:

I have never advertised as such, but I have written to banks & travel agents etc to offer discount to their staff, so you know that you're gonna be quite safe there! If anything happens you'll just tell their boss!!! :D

good luck & let us know how you get on

Kitty :meow:

In my experience, the unpredictability of a dog scares most people. I also only like to deal with people that I know or are referrals. I homeschool my children as well so someone is always home. (dogs and kids!) I am very selective though and it does cut down on the amount of business one can generate. I freelance at a friends salon a bit here & there to try to keep my "mojo" working. Lately I've been refferring most clients to another tech because I'm trying to get my basement, stateboard ready. It's an arduous task & very expensive. I have another business that I run from home as well. (wholistic health) Having good neighbors that realize what you are doing can help with safety too.

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