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Jun 18, 2003
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cambridge,ON canada .. but originally from uk , lo
hi ya is there anyone on here that has trained in homeopathy ? i am really into holistics and stuff and am thinking of training to do the course , but would like to have an idea how hard it is :lol: dont want to sign up for something mega hard , i aint that clever :lol:
cheers x
I haven't studied it myself but I used to work with a GP who retrained as a homeopath. It's an in-depth course and quite involved. Here's a link with more info:

learndirect - homeopath

There are some useful links at the bottom of the page so you can look into it further.

If you decide to go for it you will find it fascinating and very fulfilling. The above mentioned GP used to get some phenomenal results from it, he used to prescribe remedies for people to work alongside conventional medicines.

Good luck!
ooh thanks for that hun , will have a look at the links in a bit , xx

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