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May 14, 2012
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Please can someone point me in the right direction.

I am currently trying to complete a 19 question homework assignment for my level 2 barbering course i have spent 3 days souring the internet looking for answers to the questions and have only managed to answer the first 3.
I have asked my tutor where to look to research the questions i.e which book to get from the library or which website and all she has said is look on the net.
argggghhhh it just doesnt seem to be there.
Im not trying to be lazy but i just dont have the information to answer the questions and have no idead where to find it.

the assignment is headed GH24 provide specialist consultation services for hair and scalp conditions

if anyone could point me in the right direction i would be so grateful i have a Photoshop nest week which im putting all my effort into getting ready as well and this is really stressing me out
im sure i still have my barbering coursework as i finished 2 yrs ago, im off out to town this morning but when i come back will have a look and see if i can help you :)
I bought a hairdressing science book when I was at college, what are the questions? it would be interesting to see how much I remember , difficult to give you any answers with just an assignment number and just providing you with the answers in list form isn't going to help you learn.
I'd recommend buying a level 2 or 3 hairdressing book by Leo Palladino and Martin Green. They're very well written and you will probably continue to refer to them even after you've qualified.

(Personally I found the Palmer & Perkins book poorly written with misleading and inaccurate information in the legal/health & safety related sections.)

I also think it's very poor of a tutor to recommend using the internet as a primary source of your training. Some of the information you find might be inaccurate and as a student, you may not always be able to spot errors.

Amazon has a good selection of books available and you can trade them in after you've qualified, if required.
I don't have long left on my course and i'm reluctant to buy a new book at this late stage unless i can be certain that the info i require is in there.
I already have a level 2 hairdressing book but i cant find the info i require in there.

I have listed below just a few of the question i am stuck on.
I agree i think this is poor guidance from my tutor she has just handed us the work hasn't covered it in class and given us no idea where to find out where to research the answers.

q4. explain how to support the client in prioritising their needs and making a decision on a suitable course of action.

q5. explain the importance of and how to check that clients understand verbal and any written information that they have been given.

q6. explain the importance of confirming and recording the course of action that is to be taken for the client.

q7. explain the importance of respecting individual religions and cultural rights and beliefs in respect of the service offered and products used,

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