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Beauty in Bloom

Beauty in Bloom
Feb 19, 2021
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Hi! Really hoping someone can advise me please?.

I’m experienced beauty therapist with 20 years in industry (I’m based in Scotland).
Due to the pandemic, I was made redundant in Sept 2020. Before that I was employed part time 3 days a week in a salon within a hotel. I worked there for 14 years.

I didn’t receive a big redundancy package, however my plan is to go self employed (in very uncertain times!) and work from home. We have been using lockdown to build a salon in the garden which the redundancy has paid for, but because I was salon based I have very little beauty equipment. So I’ve had to use credit cards/savings to fund it all plus fit out the salon etc. It’s almost finished, but as I’m still nowhere near ready to open because of restrictions I’m starting to worry money wise.😳 I’m currently claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance as a source of income as my husband is the only salary coming in and we have 3 children at home too. I’m worried I’m not going to get financial help because of the timing of my redundancy, I’ve not been eligible for any government grants. It’s so frustrating as friends who are mobile have just applied for the new small business close contact/mobile grant £4000 which I can’t apply for as you need to be registered self employed before March 2020. I feel totally on my own!..as have paid into the system since I left school yet there appears to be nothing out there to help me in my situation. I’m hoping there must be others out there too. It feels like I keep falling through the cracks..😩
Hi Beauty in Bloom

I’m so sorry you lost your job in the pandemic and well done for making plans to create your future employment. I suggest you contact your previous employer and ask if they need a self employed contract worker. As a minimum you need to ask for 120% of your old wage as you won’t be getting the same benefits of being an employee.

They may offer you a small number of regular part-time hours as an employee for your old wage.

It’s really scary going self employed for 100% of your income. Get yourself some regular hours, anywhere, doing anything. You may want to think laterally and find work somewhere where you can pick up customers.

You can open your business on a shoestring. You need to offer a limited range of services and focus on marketing those services. Concentrate on establishing a client base for your core services. Massage doesn’t cost much money to offer, neither do brow services. Waxing is popular and clients return throughout the year.

Leave investing in facial products and nail products for a while. You have to sell a lot of manis and pedis to break even on the set up costs so wait until you can assess demand.

Set up your Facebook business page, and insta. Start creating content. You can introduce yourself in videos, post one now, share your space and your story. Be real, just as you have been here.

People are already booking for April 12th. They’ll be looking online so make sure they can see your hours, price list and services. Good luck and search through the threads, there’s everything you need to know here already!
From a legal point of view, before you go ahead and start getting people into your new garden salon make sure you have permission from both your local council and mortgage provider. Also, your home insurance company will need to know etc. I just want to make sure you're setup for success and don't have any hiccups down the line as if they say no, you could be in trouble.

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