Hoping to set up a treatment room at home


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May 18, 2012
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Hi everyone
I am new to this site and am hoping someone can help me and offer some advice :)
I am a qualified beauty therapist and have a spare room at home which i am hoping to transform into a treatment room. I qualified back in 2004 and worked in a health farm for 4 years after but have not done any beauty treatments for about 4 years. I really want to get back into it and as i said want to start doing treatments at home and maybe a bit mobile. I really havnt got a clue where to start though :rolleyes: do i need insurance? if anyone can be so kind as to let me know what i will need to do to hopefully get this running i would be really grateful :p.
Thanks for any replys xx

Yep you DEF need insurance - there are afew about I use Salon Gold, but its personal choice just double check that it covers everything you want from your insurance policy!

You need to contact your council to check regarding planning permisson - I called Stoke Council answered afew questions and confirmed I didnt need planning permission but every council is different! So check with them!

After those two issues its then down to kitting out and decorating your room, and marketing which if you use the search function you'll find loads of info!

Good luck!


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