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May 6, 2004
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okay please help me!

My manicurist has booked in a hot oil treatment for this friday. Now I havnt got nay hot oil and I cant get hold of her today so where on earth do I buy some from.

i have tried some sites but none list it???
If all else fails, use some almond Oil fwhich you can get from the Chemist or even Olive oil. As long as you use a botanical oil and not a mineral oil this will do until you can buy a more specially formulated oil.
Thanks Gigi,someone else had suggested olive oil, maybe I could get both and do a mix.

What about fragrance could I put some aromatherpy oil in??
hi you can buy oils from beauty express and ellisons, also salonserve do them,hope this helps , btw beauty express delivery is usually the quickest, i dont know if you can pay extra to have it there the next day, i think you can with ellisons , good luck love dee
An alternative to Olive Oil would be grapeseed oil - I make a hand oil for using with my heated mitts mixing 1/2 SolarOil and 1/2 grapeseed oil.
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