How do you build up your client base from salon to having your own room?


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Feb 13, 2007
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Gtr Manchester
I'm not even quaified yet. but will be next June. Level 3 VTCT.

I want to go in a salon until I have built up my speed and confidence, but then my sister has a room in her shop that we are going to do up and it will be my nail room.

I am thinking of working in a reputable salon, hopefully during school hours only and maybe the 2 later nights and on my day of and maybe one evening doing my own clients in my own room at my sister's shop.

Not sure how long this will go on for, but at the right time I want to branch out and work just for myself in my own room every day.

How will i build up my clients and what do you think it will be like at first?

She is going to charge me £25 per week at first and then £50 when I have got enough clients.

Does my idea sound credible and reasonable.

Thank you all.:rolleyes:

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