How do you sanitise your pedicure bowl?


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Jun 27, 2011
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Hi, I use a lovely wooden pedicure bowl but I'm not sure I'm sanitising it enough! Im just wondering what everyone else does? I don't want to use a footspa, just this bowl as I love it and it gives the feel that I want for my pedicures. Is there any special stuff that anyone's using?

I don't have an answer other than using eg Mundo multisurface disinfectant foam?? (for surfaces sensitive to alcohol) I just wanted to bump this thread up and seek other opinions on it. x
I rinse mine with hot soapy water then give it a spritz with sanitizer/ anti fungal :)

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Same as I currently do for a plastic bowl. Perfect. Thank you :) x
Can I jump this thread ever s slightly.

What are the advantages of using a wooden bowl as opposed to a regular footspa?

I would imagine they look better? Although don't offer the bubbling water which I find lot of clients like.?

I would imagine a regular plastic one is easier to keep sanitary?

Mundo do a footbath disinfectant which is good
Apart from the Mundo ange, for foot baths I use good old Dettol spray!

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