How does Jane Iredale sell for you?


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Nov 15, 2011
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Hi Everyone,

i'm looking into taking on the Jane Iredale line of make up. I wanted to ask those who have the line already, how does it sell for you? the retail prices are quite high and i worry people will not want to spend that kind of money of foundation etc. Does it fly off you shelves or the stock sits a bit?

any info would be great :)
Hey, I took on JI 2 years ago but I use the kit to be a mobile makeup artist - mainly for brides.
Most orders have been for the PurePressed powders, eye liners,mascara and the duo shadows. Everyone I've spoken to loves the product!
The best thing with Jane Iredale is they send a makeup artist to you so you are able to hold an event. These are the money makers but they also allow you to get to know the makeup and your clients more!
Price wise, foundations aren't too far off the same prices of the big names you find in department stores. The difference is what is in them and this is what makes Jane iredale a winner for me!

I hope that has helped slightly in your decision!
I have Jane iredale. ..lovely make up, no problem with sales and they don't have a minimum order either. I generally don't hold much stock of eyeshadows etc and just buy when someone asks me as it generally arrives the next day.

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As already said by others - I retail quite a lot, and I do a lot of complimentary makeovers as I can knock them out quite quickly, which really helps with retail. I often pop a little bit on clients after a facial or waxing as it's so pure it can actually help to calm an area.

I find that nearly everyone who buys it once will buy it again. I 'sell' them the make up bag - everything they need to do a complete JI make up with about 15% off, and when we have an Environ event day we offer 15% off Environ and JI. I stopped apologising for the prices many years ago, and I have learnt that not all mineral make ups are the same, and I can tell clients why this one is different!

Finally - they do a huge range of colours. About 2 weeks after I bought the 'global' shades, I was booked to do a massive Asian wedding. Three months later I got booked to do the sisters wedding. Can't rave about it enough - and this from somebody who started life in the make up industry!!!

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