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Dec 19, 2015
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Hello everyone, I’m moving into a beauty salon in the next ffew weeks. I’ve been mobile for 10 years and I’m stuck on what brand to introduce to my salon.

It’s quite a big salon so the 3 room rule isn’t a problem, budget wise I’m not too worried. I’ve trained in many different brands but I’m looking for a more high end brand with aromatherapy smells

I will be offering results driven facials
And separate face and body treatments with a luxurious aromatherapy brand
So any recommendations are welcome

I do want to introduce ESPA at the salon as I’m already trained in this brand but I’m finding it difficult to get a hold of them

I’m not sure where I stand if I was to buy some of their stock and do the treatments? Am I allowed to advertise it as their brand etc? I understand I would loose out on making a bigger profit on retail.
Thank you x
I notice you’re in Wales - have you thought of Heaven skincare by Deborah Mitchell? She’s based near Telford and her products are very high end and look and smell amazing. My clients rave about them and I love everything they do - tend they tick all your criteria.

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