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May 17, 2012
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I like these and want to know if they have just been filed this shape and wud I file before applying gel or after ? Cxxxx I'm tryna ad pic but Dno how to post one they r like almond shape not stilleto I dot think x
I sculpt all my "shapes". Mine are pointed. Not truly a stilleto, tho, bc they're not very long. I have a few clients who wear oval, almond, or even round, which is rarer now a days. And some of those I'll just shape the tips before gel or acrylic application. I've sculpted spiral ones as well. The lipstick shape I cut the tip at an angle, if using a tip. Hope that helps. Any questions, hit me on facebook. My page is public, I can't load pics here.

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I don't know how to do sculptured :( but if I wanted an almondy shaped nail wud I file before or after gel application cxxxx
Oh before gel ha sorry yeah I am going to try this out x thanks xxx

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