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Mar 1, 2012
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Hi everyone, I've been doing acrylics since February this year and I use the nsi attraction system with millennium tips
I am finding it is still taking me 2 hours for a full set,Has anybody got any tips on getting my time down? Or will this come with practise ?
How long should it take?
And what would you charge as I feel I shouldn't charge a lot as it takes so long
I was thinking of maybe getting some non blend tips to knock some time off?
Any advice would be most helpful

Hi, would be delighted if I could get my time down to 2 hours I am still at 2.5-3 at the moment and I qualified in December! Timing used to really bother me but I would rather make sure I am producing great nails than rush. I'm sure some more experienced geeks can give you some advice so all I will say is don't worry too much about it at the moment concentrate on perfecting your work first.
As for pricing, I started off charging £10 and regretted it straight away as I then felt I had to charge £5 for infills! It was great to get the practice but felt like I was working my butt off for nothing! I am also finding it difficult to start charging full price now as I almost feel guilty for such a huge jump in price! So don't start too low. Hope this helps x
Ahh yes I've been charging £10 at present and I totally agree it does feel like a long slog for so little especially if you charge £5 for Infills.Il maybe try £15 for future bookings thanks for your reply
I think your time will come down as you get more experienced, i take 1 hour 30 mins 1 hour 45 mins depending on if tips or sculptured.
I wouldnt worry though because if your producing great nails then clients will be happy.
i currently charge £20 for a full set of acrylic nails as thats what the going rate is in my area x
Hi- I have been qualified for 5 years but only 3 of the 5 years have I been a ' nail tech to the public' I never had an confidence and my timings is what held me back!! In the first 18 months I found myself really doing my own and my close family and friends after the 18months I found myself doing recommendations from them so I began to feel a lot mo confident and then with this came my skills in gettin quicker!!! My sets take me an hour- too 1hr 30 mins for the more fiddly and intricate work. My infills take me 45 mins on average- I do however still book an hour slot for this as I have the odd picked who likes to come with only 7-8 nails instead of 1O :-/ lol

So anyway as asked your timings will go do with practice... Try not stop and talk, talk whilst ur looking at the handed- this will really help cut time! And also get rid of all the bits that u really don't need, ie the files at the end..(whilst trying to cut my times down I didn't use the blocks to buff away the lines I just use glaze and go (uvtopcoat) which cut it down) I now have gone back to the blocks and my trusted opi topcoat!!! Lol

Practise practise practise ... Things will only get better!! GD luck xx
Hello, I qualified in August but haven't been doing lots of practise, my first few on paying clients I was getting so worried about times I ended up rushing and then didn't feel that pleased :/ did a friends last week, took it easy, relaxed and chatted, and the extra time spent paid off in the quality :)
It takes as long as it takes!! Don't concentrate on your timings, just get the job done nicely and with practise you will speed up naturally.

If you are particularly concerned, try to break the appointment up into little pieces, i.e. PREP, Tip Application, L&P Application, Finishing... time yourself and set a target.

Honestly though you're fine. I qualified in September and it takes me 90 mins for a full set, on average... Half the time it used to take me. I also charged full price from the start if that helps at all.

Just to echo the other replies, don't even think about timings, simply do the best job you can. What walks off on the ends of her fingers is what you are going to be judged by, what is going to get you return business, and what may get you recommendations. . . not to mention an easier time for you infilling if it's quality work done well.

The more you do, the more you will speed up (and I don't mean by cutting corners obv).

Just do a nice job :hug:

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