How long were you in industry before you set up alone?


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Jul 7, 2015
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As the title really! And when I say alone, I mean either alone or set up a salon. And for those of you who set up alone, how do you keep abreast of developments in the industry?
I went it alone immediately. I was already a member of Salon Geek and several other professional boards, and I get professional magazines and have great reps.
I left school and went straight to college, then worked my way up in the industry for 11 years before I opened my first salon, sold that after a couple of years later, back into employment for a brand for 4 years then set back up myself 5 years ago. I regularly attend training, keep up to date with new things from my reps & industry magazines. X
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I went alone straight away. Never worked in a salon, I only ever done short courses specialising in what I wanted to do. Wasn't interested in massage, facials, manicure etc so went and done a nail course to learn extensions and gel polish, then gradually built it up from there. I now offer HD Brows, LVL, Lash Extensions, Semi Permanent Make Up, Cavitation Lipo, RF Skin Tightening and a few other bits. I have a home salon and I am more than busy enough, busier than I ever could have hoped for actually!

The first couple of years I muddled through using cheaper products and not charging anywhere near enough as I thought that was the best way to get clients in. Now, I charge just above what most high street salons in my area charge even though I'm a home salon, and I invested in training in well known brands and it's paid off. My best bit of advice would be to not undervalue yourself, work out your pricing properly not just based on what other people charge, and invest in training with well known brands - they sell themselves! x
I went straight from college to renting a room when I was 24. I was in a fake till you make phase in my life.
8 years on worked out great :)
I qualified in the late 1990's and went into employed work, which suited me well - it allowed me to experience how salons are ran, and gave me a chance to learn some of the tricks of the trade from those who had been doing it for years. I went alone in 2002, and started by renting a room in a sports massage salon, and then 7 years ago I took the plunge and got a lease on my own salon.

I stay abreast by reading magazines etc, but also by having skincare and nail care suppliers with regular rep support and on-going training. My Jessica and Decleor reps both visit regularly to keep me up to date with what's happening, give input into any technical issues I might be having with specific clients, and also help with marketing and what other salons are finding helpful.
Been qualified 20 years worked employed, self employed, manager, in various salons. Went mobile for a couple of years and finally opened my salon 3 years ago as kids are older and don't need the looking after now. We have a really good rep that keeps us up to date with latest shows and courses running.
I went alone straight away at 21, big scary step but so worth it x
I was employed as I trained many years ago. It was THE best start I could ever wish for. My boss was as strict as they come but installed a fabulous work ethic within me. I stayed with her for several years before moving on & setting up my own business. ☺
I was employed while at college and moved to another salon still employed for about a year after I qualified. For me personally I think this made me a much better therapist because they showed me how to improve on my techniques and become a salon ready therapist. I did a 2 year BTEC but a lot of what we were taught was basic. I didn't realise how basic until then lol.

I started out on my own renting a room in a hairdressers a few months before my 21st and loved it. I haven't gone back to an employed position since and I'll be 30 this year.

I'm in no way saying this is the same for everyone but I don't think I would have done half as well going straight out on my own. I found the experience of other therapists extremely valuable.

Hth xx
started as a 'saturday girl' at 15 years old
went to college straight from school and worked in the same salon alongside my studies
left college and managed the salon
went mobile after 1 year
opened own salon 4 years later (aged 23)
My first boss taught me more than college ever did. Later in my career I managed a spa and this taught me the most about how to make a profit from the industry.
By working in a variety of settings I have learnt a lot about business and what customers actually want.
I went into it alone from the beginning, starting a business after being an at-home mum for 5 years, I went from not earning anything to at least earning something, and built up slowly. 12 years ago now
I was an employed Saturday girl while at college for 3 years then moved to an area with only one beauty salon that was very behind the times. So took the opportunity to rent a room and start out on my own. Been self employed 8 years now.

The key to success: continued education. Make a point of going on at least 1 course per year. Xx

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