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Oct 14, 2003
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Hi everyone, i have been a lurking geek for quite some time. I did my FDFC with Liza 1 week ago, which was great and now i finally have a question!!
It took me 6 hours to do my 1st set of nail and then 4 to do my second!! :oops: I know it wont come over night but what length of time should i be working towards to do a full set of nails in L&P?
Dont worry weve all been there its quite normal better to do it right and take longer than do it quick and wrong average time is between an hour and an half. but this will come with practise. You have had a great teacher so practise practise and it wont be long and youll get there

Hope this helps

"Shortcuts make long delays" - Someone in the book 'The Hobbit'

You will do fine once you practise. Its like learning to play something like a paino. Just because you may know the notes doesnt mean you can belt out a concerto right away... you need to devlop the skill.

Don't freak out... after 6 months into doing nails I was sad enough to still be spending 6 hours on my sets and 3 hours on my 'fills'.
The good news is that I have never met anyone else who was that freaking slow after even a month.

Good luck ;)
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