How many clients is it realistic to expect to book?


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Jul 26, 2021
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Hi! So, I need to ask for help from experienced techs, because I've been doing some calculations, as I want to start supporting myself and be kind of independent financially with this bussines that I'm very passionate about, having a home-based studio.
I've calculated that:
With a part time job, I would have to book 4 (service average cost) to 7 (cheapest service) clients/month to have enough money to pay bills and stuff, while also saving for recovering my investment + saving for my business/buying supplies.
Without a part-time job, I would have to book 20 to 25 clients/month to do the same thing.
I'm just starting out, so I want to know how feasible is it for a new tech to book those kind of numbers, ESPECIALLY if I'm only doing nails.
I do consider that I have an original marketing and branding strategy and will be providing a different kind of aesthetic, because I specialize in kawaii/korean/asian trends that there is demand for and very few people are doing (In my country, at least), besides obviously doing all the classic (french, baby boomer, etc) and the trendy stuff. Besides, in Latinoamérica there isn't a lot of higene culture in salons, so providing each client a safe service will also give me an edge from the competition.
My first language isn't english, so please excuse any mistakes I may have made & thank you very much for your input.
Hi Pandora6 and welcome.

I trained with someone from Chile and she had self taught herself to do great nails. She seemed very confident that she could set up a business on her return home - she had been working full time in a job with irregular shift patterns and building a nail business in her home.

My advice would always be to take a part-time job and build up your business, one day of the week at a time. I’ve done this myself. Have clients that are available on a regular day of the week - and book a regular slot every 2/3 weeks. That is what you want. You do not want clients with an irregular schedule.

Share your journey with your clients. They will be interested to see you grow in confidence and business success. When my business was new my clients enjoyed watching me develop.

If you have a part time job you can promote yourself. Wear your nails, talk about your passion. You never know, you may have colleagues or customers who are interested in your nail services.

When I started my business I was still working in London part-time which is 120 miles (170k) from Bath where I am based. Now most of my clients are Londoners! Some are visitors, some have moved to Bath and some have a home in both cities. I think this is because I had a few London based clients visit me and write nice reviews online and Google algorithms do the rest, highlighting my salon to any Londoners googling Bath salons. It’s odd to think that my contacts from my old work, 8 years ago, are making all these new connections for me now.- or that my USP is that I have a connection to a city so far away.

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