How many sets in a day?


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Jun 4, 2003
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Hi everyone,

I need some information, I am still working on my speed, (getting there) but would like to know from technicians who work in salons etc, how many sets of nails can be done in a normal working day (if you are fully booked of course). I need to know what I should be aiming for, it will help me put some figures together as to wether I can afford to switch careers and make a living :oops: (its still a pipeline dream :( ) I know it will depend on if its full sets or infills, but a rough idea would help me loads. :D

P.S. I know its about quality not quantity.

hiya cutie
i've had my salon now for 16 yrs :shock:
i also do some hairdressing & beauty treatments, & i also teach for creative, so my day is not always typical.
however, 1 of the girls who has worked in my salon for the last 8 yrs, usually does back to back nails.
she does do some manicures & some new sets, but most of her day is spent doing rebalances.
she works 5 days a wk, 9.00 - 5.30, except mon. 9.00-9.00.
99% of the time she is fully booked :D
so, on average she books some clients in for 1hr, & some in for 1hr15
we charge on average £24 per rebalance.
she will do between 6 & 8 clients per day.(more on mon.)
obviously, she has been working towards this situation for a few years now.
we r a high st. salon, with a long standing reputation.
this combined with the most up to date training & high profile conections, & obviously the best products in the world! leads to this kind of success. i.e saturation!
hope this gives you the right kind of encouragment :D
lol liza xx
I tend to have hourly appointments (though I often squeeze people in for repairs or a quick paint in between those appointments). I only work 2 ½ days per week, but I can earn around AUS$1,000 per week (£410). I tend to be rather busy because I have back to back appointments and I always advise clients to book for their next service before they leave. Depending on your speed, I think an appointment every 2 hours would be a realistic goal for you to aim for initially.
Thanks for your replies, I now know what to aim for :)
hi :)

I make my infill appointments hourly and tend to allow an hour and a half for full sets, wed through to sat i tend to be back to back with infills and the odd few sets, i generally get through 6 to 8 clients on these days working 9 to 5.

Hi UltraViolet, where i aus are you? and how do you only work 2 1/2 days a week for that!! wow :shock: wish i could do that :lol

Kerrie :)
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