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Mar 2, 2004
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Leeds, West Yorks
Any ideas how much (thereabouts) it costs to do a full set of L&P Enhancements with Creative? I'm planning on going mobile and need to get my price list together. My local salons charge between £35 and £40 but I could no way charge this much just starting out!

Obviously it's a must to use the full Prep on everyone. I think when I get an approx idea on this post then that will determine my price!!!

Melle Strip once worked it out to be between £4 and £6 per full set depending on which product you use, so I always round it off to a fiver :biggrin:
A full set of Creative enhancements costs about 3.50 and much less if sculpted. Five to six pounds is way over the top for price.
In fact... last analysis I did...
It was under £3 using all small size products and tips.
Using large sizes and sculpting, brought the cost down to about £1.20 (I think it was around £1.60 using tips and large sizes).

In all reality, there is little difference in the cost per application between the most expensive products out there to the cheapest.
You can always get cheap product, but if that means you have to spend an extra 3 minutes rebalancing it... than it is costing you money in the long run ;)
Thanks very much.....I would have guessed £4 myself so not far wrong.

I'll start working on my list then.


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