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Feb 16, 2004
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Dublin, Ireland
Does anyone know how much lbs a person has to loose before they notice the difference in their cloths
I think this can be a bit like how long is a peice of string.

Some people lose a few and notice a differnce whislt others have to lose a lot before you notice, also it can be where you notice the differnce.

I notice more of a differnce on my wiast but nothing on my hips.
thanks I let you all know how I do this week on the other thread "anothe Stone" I was just wondering as I cheated today and I was down and weight myself before friday and have lost another 2lbs so thats 6lbs in two weeks and it feels no different I would say I would have to reach the stone mark before I notice but the way I am going that does not seem so far off :lol:
"weight" on its own can be very misleading. Muscle weighs heavier than fat inch for inch so if you are dieting and excercising whist on the one hand you are burning fat you will also be increasing muscle content, so inch loss will be noticable whilst pounds & ounces loss may be non existent. So its important to not just rely on the scales but a tape measure if you are monitoring you weight loss.

I recently had the feeling that all my trousers had got very tight (I was having to lay on the bed to fasten my jeans) so as I don't own a pair of scales I jumped on the scales in the doctors while I was there for a check up ............ result was absolutely the same weight I always am ........... theory = I've just become a lazy mare & replaced muscle with fat. Time for me to get on the bike & do some excercise
It all depends on how overweight you are. The more overweight the more you will have to lose before you feel or see any difference. A friend of mine was really overweight and she could sometimes lose stones before anybody noticed yet if i lost half a stone it would show (that's coz i'm gorgeous and go to the gym, lol!!).
I have to say i needed to lose abit of weight so icould get back into some clothes and when i lost 7lbs it really helped me, but then i only have about another stone to go.It really does depend on how over weight you are to begin with.

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