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Apr 12, 2012
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Hi Guys!

I'm a newly qualified gel nail tech and want to go mobile full time. I am very confident in my abilities as I feel I got wonderful training and the tutor has even said we can call her anytime if we have any questions or problems etc. My only problem is I cant seem to build a proper client base at the moment. I have set up a facebook page for family, friends & friends of friends but so far no bookings. So I guess I'm asking for any advise you may have to help me start off, was thinking of doing up some leaflets for my apartment block etc....

Thanks! :lol:
Hi, I'm a mobile beauty therapist and I started up in august last year, I have been posting leaflets and I have had quite a few come back from them, sometimes it can be a few month later. also clients have been telling their friends and so on.
There are quite a few threads on here that are packed full of advertising and marketing ideas. Use the search facility and type in keywords and phrases like 'advertise my business' , 'marketing' , 'building a client base' . I'm on my iPhone ATM so I can't figure how to link you to them but there is one on here with pages and pages of great ideas.

Facebook is good, as is twitter.
Leaflet drops.
A website.
Contact local schools, and groups to see if there's charity events that you could maybe donate a treatment to or set up stall and donate a percentage to the charity (take lots of leaflets/business cards).
Wedding fairs.
Wedding and prom dress shops.
Hair salons (offer manager treatment in exchange for advertising you)

There's a few to get you started, but as said above search for the threads they have loads more ideas :)
Thank you for your advise...I have my Facebook page set up and used it to get models etc, have put up an introductory pricelist on that and clearly stated that the prices were introductory and Im thinking of offering a 10% discount on next treatment if the client refers a friend. Never thought of wedding fairs etc..thats a great idea!

I'll definately be doing up some leaflets and business cards, just have to find a place that can do both around my area. Theres plenty of apartment blocks, salons, shops etc around where I am so I hope that will give me an advantage!!

Really appreciate your advise girls...its great to be able to talk to people who know whats what instead of my BF who hasnt a clue!! Haha! :)

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