How to create a database of clients for marketing


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May 26, 2022
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Ashford Middx
Hi all. Since I started my business I have treated nearly 50 clients, taking their name, mobile number and email address. Now I am wanting to send them a communication with a monthly offer and a message on their birthday offering them a free gift with treatment etc. How do you all market your clients in bulk? I don't want to do email as, if they are anything like me, I get so many spam and irrelevant messages daily. Sending direct messages through social media is time consuming, having to send 1 at a time? Or is there a bulk system? Alternatively I could send texts, from my own mobile which would be free, but again time consuming when I get several hundred clients. My mum uses a system called Textlocal for her clients, but she sends thousands of texts at a time and it costs approx 4p a text, she also cannot receive a reply, so not sure I want to adopt that method.
How do you all keep in contact with your clients re offers?? Thankyou.