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Jul 19, 2011
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Hiya, a wee bit of advise please! I have a client booked for a 3 hour appointment in a couple of weeks, but I have seen her asking another salon on fb for an appointment on the same day for the same treatment. What do I do? I can't afford for her just to not turn up! It's June! I'm busy...I sent her a message to ask if she still wants these appointments, but no reply yet! Should I mention what I have seen?? Any advise please? Thanks.
I would say to her can you please pop in with a deposit by ....... For your treatment to confirm your booking otherwise I will need to release the slot to someone else.
Phone her dont text and yeah the deposit is a good idea.

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Give her a date for her to reply back to. If she doesn't reply back within this time frame give her app to someone else. Dont wait around because 9 times out of 10 they will find someone else to do it if they are asking around elsewhere. X

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