How to help nails stop lifting


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Mar 20, 2016
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I'm newly trained in acrylics I file with a file not drill as damages too much but I find lifting starts with in a week am I doing something wrong help please I use nsi acrylic
Is it all of your clients or just a few ?
Prep is the most important step in your application take time to make sure you dehydrate nail plate and make sure your implements are not contaminated.
Also your application is the acrylic touching any of the skin at all this will cause lifting. Secondly do you always use glaze n go? I have found only certain clients not all of them but one or two can't get on with glaze n go so I use the Nsi gel polish or use the Calgel Iz pro style for a topcoat instead of glaze n go. Or a buff and shine using a buffer and then regular polish topcoat seems to suit the clients who don't get on with glaze n go. This is very un usual as most people have no issues. I myself have lifting no matter who does my nails or where I go or what I use and the trigger is hot dish washing liquid something about doing dishes and nails lift starts when i am on holiday my nails never lift so also check clients home lift style it could be something simple like that.
I am also a lifter! Clients are fine but I always lift. Had the same problem when other ppl done my nails too. Very frustrating x
I had the same problem with lifting not long ago so I started applying two coats of dehydrater and two coats of primer. Also ever since using nsi superbond primer I have had no problems with lifting on any of my clients. I definitely recommend this product xx
Need to make sure the acrylic is flush with the nail plate by the cuticle area. File or drill.
I use nsi attraction products I may try 2 coats of each
It is just mine on my self lifting
Will check clients
Do you have any photos of the nails that you done which have ended up lifting
Not sure how to add photos it's cuticle end hun
If it's just your own nails it could be the application on yourself

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