How to make neat nail art stripes?


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Dec 12, 2011
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Anyone have any tips on doing this? I have a striper brush but it's not as neat as I'd like :/
Have you tried using different brushes?

Also, its as they say... practice makes perfect :)
I find it easiest with the striper brush but it still goes a little wonky, yea I'm sat practising now lol :)
It is as if we get wonky days!

How about striping tape? I dont seem to get on with the stuff my self but maybe worth a try?
Ooh yeah I might give that a go, I'd rather be able to do it myself but if I can't I'll use that instead :) can you buy it from craft shops? X
Practice, practice practice. As a beginner, it's easiest to make the stripes coming towards you. Use your wrist to flick, not your brush. If you're trying to make straight lines, dab only the tip of the brush with paint, anchor your pinky and drag the brush across as if you're flipping your hand over. Acrylic paint is best if you're having trouble as you can just wipe it off and start again til you get the hang of it :)
Vive La Nails has it - Nail Art Striping Tape

Lots of places have it mind you so it may be worth doing a search to see what you can find :)
Look up One stroke brushes. You can get them pretty cheaply in a pack of 3. Ive always struggled until I got these extra thin link brushes & now they slide in lovely straight lines across the nails just where I want them :)

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