How to open a short courses school?


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Jan 22, 2016
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London, UK
Hello girls, I have been a beautician for 5 years. 4 In portugal and 1 in Uk. And I have a qualification as a tutor in Portugal. I have a project of opening a beauty short courses school and reseller but wanted to have everything like the law demands. Can you please tell me which course and licencing I should have? Mary
Who do you want to be teaching (new to beauty therapy, post training courses) and what age group ? Also where in the country do you want to set up the school?
Hello! London, uk. I was interested on both groups, all ages.
There are two types of courses, nationally recognised and trade. In the UK you can take either type, but there are certain treatments where the local council rules may insist on nationally recognised courses (London in particular as they have the Special Treatment licence). Every single council has their own rules. Also some insurers will insist on nationally recognised courses. So the three routes you have are:

1. Become a nationally recognised school, which means teaching VTCT, CIBTAC, CIDESCO, ITEC, City & Guilds or Edexcel beauty therapy courses. These are nationally recognised awarding bodies. You contact whichever one you want to work with and see what is needed to become a training college. I'm not sure about Edexcel but I think all the others will accept you as a private college. All of these courses are accepted in all councils and all insurers. You usually need a minimum number of students per year.

2. Create and teach your own courses. You have to take responsibility for the insurance side if you want students who are new to beauty therapy (if they already have a recognised qualification and add on treatments then you don't). Usually you sign up with a private accreditor, such as Beauty Guild, Professional Beauty and some others I can't quite recall at the moment. You have to let them see your course material, then they set up your qualification and accredit it. You have to keep paying a yearly fee to keep them accredited. Not all councils will accept these courses for certain treatments (unless the student goes through a lengthy dispute process with them) so you should ensure you don't take on students who can't use these qualifications.

3. Do both! Then students can pay less for the same course if they don't want the nationally recognised qualification (e.g. they just want a refresher course).

As for yourself and anyone else teaching, you need to take the Level 3 award in Education and Training, and then whatever else is required depending on which option you go for.
thank your for your help! With the level 3 Award in education you mean PTTLS?
Yes that's the old name for it.
Thank you so much for your HELP! Best wishes, Mary.x