How to rent a beauty room, newbie looking for advice


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Jan 6, 2020
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Hi girls early days i know but..... I want to get organised.

I have done half my business plan and i'm training in May in Semi permanent make up. I will also be doing hair extensions and doing further training in lash lift and henna brows etc.

My main question is how did you find a suitable room. At the moment once qualified i can only do saturdays and sundays due to chilcare issues as i have 3 children and we solely rely on my partners income.

Worried incase i cant afford the beauty room fees straight away unless i save up some money to be able to afford at least 3 months rental until i am more established. I will also need to sort out insurance as well for my semi permament make up side of things.

Worried i wont have anywhere to work unless i can find the extra financies to pay for at least 3 months rent for a beauty room. xx
For insurance purposes I believe you have to have a room with hand washing facilities for semi makeup, you may struggle to get a room for them peak days you may have to pay rental for whole week

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