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Dec 6, 2012
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I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant and also have a 3 year old and have been wanting to start as a self employed nail tech for so long but it just hasn't happened due to money, moving house, childcare issues and then trying for another baby. Baby is due 18th December and my other little boy will be going to nursery 4 days a week starting in January so i'm determined to start up properly after this baby is born, just doing it part time while he's little. Anyway, to cut a long story short i'm not sure how I can use the next few months effectively. I'm qualified in mani, pedi, shellac and acrylics although I don't offer acrylics as I don't feel confident. Should I practice nail art designs and build a portfolio? Do family's nails to build a portfolio? Start spending money on business cards, price lists etc?? I'm hoping to start from home but the room needs decorating so I will be doing that while I'm at home. OR should I spend money on more courses?? Like an acrylic conversion with CND or should I just focus on shellac for the time being until I'm earning? I just really want to start getting everything ready so I'm good to go when I feel ready! If anyone has got any suggestions I'd really appreciate it! :) xx

If you're only going to be part time it will be good to start with then Shellac only, you'll get a good few clients through Shellac alone, and perhaps do the brisa lite training . As you are qualified in enhancements you could do the Brisa lite sculpting class as that will enable you to extend nails for clients with the odd short broken nail or for someone who wants shellac but hates their own length nails. brisa lite goes hand in hand with shellac and has the same benefits of no shine removal required and is soak off. Theres tons of nail art possibilities with shellac too. Once you have got the hangof these and you get into it working a but more then maybe go back and do the L&P conversion with CND if you feel you need to and you get a bit busier once baby is a bit older.

I have a Facebook page and get my clients from there and then from friends and friends of friends.

Good luck with it all!!!
Hiya, I'm kind of in the same situation but with one baby only and finishing maternity leave this month. I would love to do my nail business full time, but haven't got the bottle to throw myself into it with a mortgage to pay. My advice is to try and practise as much as you can over the next few months on family & friends, always take before and after pics, and when they come back with regrowth take before & after pics then too as that'll show people they last well. I wouldn't worry about price lists until you have worked out your timings for treatments, as you need to be clear on how long a treatment takes, time inbetween to prepare for next client etcand factor these into your prices. It is definately worth being able to sculpt a longer tip, as I offer one extension per set of gel polished nails - people are amazed what I can do to get them all the same length! I've found also that doing friends/families nails could only be done in the first few months when baba just slept & fed. I have no hope in hell of doing it now she's 11 months old! I struggle to do them in the house in the evening even if partner is putting her to bed as I naturally want to go and stop her sqwawking! Anyway, if u have any other questions or just wanna general chit chat about how its going, let me know :)

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