How to word a competition?


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Jul 5, 2007
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How do you word a facebook competition? I want to offer a new treatment course to one person half price (really to trial it for the salon and to get some before and after pics) in want the usual, like and share thing, but how do you then do the pick a winner at random as some say they do? It would really need to be someone worth doing if you know what I mean 😳 do you think most of these things are rigged and the winner actually chosen?

Is it better to ask them to tag you in a post or photo so you get a notification maybe?

Thoughts please.
I've recently done a similar competition and asked people to LIKE and share! Some people are sneaky though and only like the photo/status so always double check it appears on their profile.
My business page is a 'add friend' rather than a like page so not sure if it works the same on both!
I start mine off with ***COMPETITION TIME!!!!*** to grab their attention!
I had a LOT of interest in my recent first competition but they were winning something for free and I had five winners!
I have a competition end date/time and announced the winners by also tagging them in a status. This works as further advertising your page/business as it will also appear on their profile page!
Good luck and let me know if you need any help :)
Be careful if you do a sharing competition as these are against Facebook rules and if they catch you they will delete your post and maybe even shut down your page (I got caught out through paying for a sponsored post! Luckily they just deleted the competition image).

A good way to run a comp is to get people to like your page then leave a comment on a status or photo (you could ask a question or just get them to write their name). By having people comment, you can then tag the winner on the same status/photo so that they actually see it (as not everyone sees all your FB posts).

As for picking a winner at random, this is a handy site to use: Random Name Picker - Quickly Pick A Random Name
Never realised it was against Facebook rules! Why do they provide the share option then?
I don't personally understand how it would make a difference to Facebook with share and like competitions but I suppose they want people to sponsor their posts!
Has anyone sponsored posts and seen a difference? Also, how much does it cost roughly?
Yeah it has to be about them making money I guess. Here are the full guidelines:

I did get loads of entries on my like and share comp before Facebook deleted it, but I'm not sure if they were as a result of the sponsored post or because people had seen their friends sharing it. You can sponsor a post from just £3, which I guess is worth a try, but you may get loads of people clicking on it and not even liking your page x

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