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Oct 18, 2011
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hey everyone,

ok need a wee bit of help, i am doing a little girls nails for her communion, just a simple french poish, these nails need to last 2 full days before her big day.
She is a very hyper wee thing and i know she will wreck , chip, smudge her nails before the day.:evil:
apart from normal top coat, is there ANYTHING that i can put over the polish to keep it "put" for a few days.

thank you soooo much x
Is she too young for Shellac?

Can you not do them the night before? Or even on the morning itself?
her mum is very, how shall we say, knows what she wants lol

no shellac allowed, and has to be thursday lol, i can smell trouble here :confused:
well personally i would say you can only do your best, and obviously if any of the nails chip etc then theres nothing you can do about it but advise the correct aftercare, its not down to you to take care of their nails after the treatment, regardless of age. Im sure her mum will realise this too. maybe ask if your allowed to put a gel top coat on them if not then how about an opi nail hardner for the top xxx
Hi hun

If its only polish she wants then advise that polish isnt indestructible. When you fill out your consult card write down everything you tell mum and get her to sign it. Youre not a miracle worker honey polish is polish. Give your client or rather the mum an aftercare leaflet with the expectations of polish on it, note youve given mum an aftercare leaflet. May seem like overkill but from your post i get the impression youre a bit concerned.

I use cnd polishes with lumos base and top coat. Both products are fabulous for fast drying time. A glug of solar oil also helps (good chance for you to also retail) or i hear solar speed spray is great too.

Good luck hun dont worry advise the girls mum thats all you can do.

Love n hugs x x x
I do my little girls nails every now and then (she's 3) and I've found using opi chip skip (same formula as bond aid or whatever nail dehydrator you use before gel polish application ) really does help. Little girls' nails are so smooth and untouched that I find the polish comes off in one go sometimes! But the chip skip really helps. And of course a good base and too coat. Igood luck :)
Little girls nails when polished have a tendancy to last all of five minutes.:)
No seriously, they produce a lot of oils and do chip and wear of quite easily. I've painted a few little girls nails in the past and they are lucky if they get a whole day out of them before they start to chip and thats using a good base and top coat. I wouldn't guarantee them lasting until her big day. It's a shame you can't do them the night before or on the day as already mentioned above.
It's also a shame you can't use Shellac. It would only be for her communion after all.;)
How about using minx or some sort of nail wrap. I do my daughters nails (she is 6) and polish doesn't last more than a day or 2. When I did Kooky wraps on her, they lasted a week, even with being at school and playing.
I wouldn't use gel on her because of the UV lamp and the Mum of this little girl is probably the same.
Is there a french type design in any of the nail wraps? x
Minx do a great French design :)
Vicki :) xx

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thank you for all the replys, im doing them tonight so fingers crossed lol
curious to know how you got on with this, do you have an update ?
I have little girls nails to do for a week long overseas holiday eekkk

Anna x

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